Services offered by Rightly United Ministries include:

40-point Check-Up resulting in an overview report of areas that need further evaluation
In-depth Analysis using surveys, focus groups, history review and proprietary head/heart evaluation tools
Purpose Series - re-focus and re-cast vision, reality check, defining moments, rediscovering meaning
Strategic Planning Workshop - leadership unity, restructuring for progress, resource evaluation
Training Camps - topical courses based on areas of improvement identified by your organization
Passion Weekend -- revival, renewal, conflict resolution and re-awakening
Commitment Keepers - success through accountability
Next Steps - today, tomorrow and beyond

Our services include meeting with church leadership, or the entire congregation, to determine the type and magnitude of issues undermining the unity, effectiveness, empowerment or focus of the church. We then seek God's guidance to determine a plan of correction which might include any of the following:

Sharing biblical principles regarding unity, peace, love and reconciliation, negotiating a peaceful end to disputes, and to enabling the church to operate effectively

Aiding in the development and/or articulation of the church's spiritual vision and helping chart the course to achieving that vision

Preaching weekly in the church and/or during specially scheduled sessions with a message of encouragement, forgiveness and hope

Joining the church staff temporarily to provide daily/weekly direction, leadership training, help with organizational skills and tips on effectively working with volunteers

Additionally, we encourage and console church groups who have lost their focus or empowerment due to trauma such as the injury, death or moral error of a loved friend. Be sure to check out our currently offered conferences.

Where a church has no pastor for any number of reasons, we consider prayerfully the church's request to supply a Bridge Interim Pastor to give daily hands-on direction to the reconciliation, healing and effectiveness process. We are certified to operate the Intentional Interim Ministry process.

We have a deep love for pastors, ministers and other staff members and a yearning to participate with God in helping them overcome the trials of ministry. If you're a lead pastor click here.

We also encourage church members and challenge them to greater spiritual growth and maturity through:

Staff Retreats
Church-wide Seminars
Small Group Seminars
Deacon/Elder/Leader Retreats
Discipleship Teaching
Pulpit Supply
And other teaching/speaking/preaching opportunities

All fees are based on a sliding scale so even small churches can afford our services. Pick and choose the help you want based on your needs. For more information about any of these services call or contact us via e-mail. We'll be happy to answer your specific questions.

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