More Details About Dan Kemp

  • Church Work
    • Enjoyed membership at Highland Village First Baptist Church (now known as The Village Church) 25 and one half years
    • Provided leadership and encouragement at this church through a 10-year transition from being focused on themselves to being focused on the forgotten, overlooked and ignored (Matt. 25)
    • Served this church as Interim Pastoral Care Minister performing spiritual shepherding, lay counseling, encouragement, conflict resolution, pastoral care, assimilation and administrative functions
    • Served as volunteer Director of Pastoral Ministries. This team of volunteers operated prayer, crisis, benevolence ministries, welcoming ministries and informal advisement (lay counseling) ministries.
    • Helped redefine church's operations, procedures, and organizational structure including the rewriting of the Constitution and Bylaws document which was adopted by the church
    • Preaches regularly at area churches
    • Has taught Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible studies, new member orientations and other courses as requested
    • Served as an elder at The Village Church
    • Currently enjoys membership at Trinity Baptist Church in Sherman, Texas

  • Business Career
    • Managed software development, test and support services departments for IBM over 5.5 years
    • Received the IBM "Excellence in Management" award for the year ending July, 1987 for having top management measurements including the highest employee opinion survey scores in an IBM organization of 85 department- and middle-level managers
    • Secured appropriations for up to $1.5mil in his IBM unit for software development special projects
    • Received an IBM "Excellence Award" in November, 1989 for successful management of a software system test
    • Served as team leader of a team responsible to the Laboratory Director for morale improvement, quality improvement, and team-building in an IBM software development laboratory of more than 600 employees. On this team, every other member held a higher rank than Dan. Received an excellence award for this work on his last day of active service.

  • Education
    • Began the 92 hour Master of Divinity degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary after being out of college 29 years and just before turning 51. Completed the program in 28 months with a GPA of 3.4567 while tending to major health issues with his wife and both parents.

  • Ministry
    • Performed duties of interim pastor for five months in 1995 at Edmonds Lane Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas, pulling together the church while helping them receive God's healing and return to their mission. Ron Nolen of BGCT Church Extension is the reference for this work.
    • Has served in the area as pulpit supply preacher. Dr. Gary Loudermilk, Executive Director of Denton Baptist Association, recommends Dan to churches.
    • Has taught seminars on the ministry of deacons. Pastor Ray Payne of Ephesus Baptist Church at Jewett, Texas and Dr. Ken Dalton of Crossroads Church in Lillington, North Carolina affirm his contributions in that area.
    • Has preached at Lay Renewal Revivals and community men's rallies. Pastor Harrol Bowman of First Baptist Church in Aubrey, Texas is a contact for those activities.
    • Has served as unity and reconciliation consultant with church staffs and congregations. Dr. Jimmy McLeod of Trophy Club, Texas can vouch for Dan's approach and contribution.
    • Member of American Association of Christian Counselors
    • Qualified to present the Intentional Interim Minister process to churches
    • Independently completed all legal and federal and state tax exemption work in the founding of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry corporation, Rightly United Ministries. Continues to serve as a member of the corporation's Board of Directors. Currently holds the offices of Secretary and Treasurer of the corporation

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