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"Moving Away from the Same Old Way of Doing Things"
- This one day seminar will give you a fresh perspective on outdated programs, stagnant methods and lagging motivation. Enliven your leadership team (both staff and lay leadership) with new, creative approaches to ongoing challenges in church work.

"Improving Your Church's Effectiveness" - This one day seminar is designed to help your church discover where you are and where you're going. Through a series of question-answer sessions, prayer, reflective meditation, and brainstorming you will discover or renew God's vision for your church. Build unity, excitement and commitment in your congregation with a fresh sense of purpose and perspective.

"Navigating the Church in Chaos" - This extended service is for church staff and lay leaders coping with unusual circumstances. Loss of the senior pastor, fallen leadership, sin issues, church splits, injury, death, moral error or any other situation which may threaten the very existence of the church often necessitate outside intervention. As a sensitive, caring team experienced in navigating churches through hardships, Rightly United Ministries can help your church get through a difficult time and emerge a much stronger, more united body of believers.

"Overcoming Complacency - Renewing Passion and Purpose in Your Church" - This powerful renewal weekend can help jump-start your church by using a very straight-forward approach to overcoming complacency. What's holding you back from fulfilling God's purpose for your church? Let us help you face facts through a series of self-evaluation techniques designed to discern sin, lack of commitment, unforgiveness, self-satisfaction and other divisive habits that can prevent progress.

Each of the above conferences is uniquely adapted to your church based on preliminary interviews, research and prayer. We believe God has empowered Rightly United Ministries with the gifts of discernment and encouragement. We will "speak the truth in love" but will not leave you without hope. Call today and ask to meet with one of our representatives. All inquiries are handled with sensitivity and confidentiality.

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